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A Social Project realized by the Zecão Surf school, the Educational Wave attends more than 100 local Northern Ubatubian children within the ages of 6 and 12 years.

The dream of not only creating champions of surf but true champions of citizenship today is now, we are proud to say, a reality. These low-income children who if it were not for the Zecão Surf School would have difficulties enjoying the benefits and rewards that surfing promotes. The school enables our students to grow up with a healthy lifestyle, hardworking motto and respect for those in their lives and most importantly themselves.

To participate within the project, each student has to be attending a school within the county of Ubatuba, demonstrating excellence within the classroom, and displaying they have respect for the local community and its rules. Those selected are chosen by their schools pedagogical office, attend school full time and have received parental permission to participate in the project, receive lunch and snacks, and have educational counseling. Besides surf, the school promotes and develops activities both within and out of the water such as basic English classes, environmental activities, drawing, painting, and fundamental computer work. All in all showing how the surfing lifestyle, a harmony of mind, body and soul can promote a successful and respectful citizen both in and out of the water.

The project has an impact within two nucleases of our region, the internationally known Itamambuca Beach and the Cambury Beach, which is the northern most beach of the state of São Paulo, where a native Brazilian community lives.

This Project receives support from the Ubatuba Municipal Government, Hang Loose, Oakley, Tachão, Issan, Central Surf, SAI, local Itamambuca businesses (Padoca Itamambuca, Mercado du Primata, Todas as Luas Inn, and the Canto do Dado Inn), friends and donors.

This project is coordinated and supervised by Zecão and is run by Prof. Diego Bassi Mantovani.

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